Read Me!

hey there! :] if you're interested in commissioning me you can dm me on instagram or twitter (linked in "carrds"), if you don't have twitter / ig you can email me at [email protected] or send a req on discord purity#0175 1) all payments will be taken via paypal unless stated otherwise, if you don't have paypal other payment options may be possible depending on where you live. 2) my prices are somewhere between 2-12 usd (negotiating is okay as long as it is reasonable) 4)if you're located in bangladesh pls let me know so i can charge you differently. 5) payment will be made after i send you the demo link for you to check if everything is ok. 6) please make sure you view and check out each crd properly before commissioning me for one instead of cancelling afterwards as they take a lot of time + effort to make. 7) depending on which crd i am making the site will be done within 1-3 days unless stated otherwise. 8) pls note that you need at least pro standard for any carrds labeled as "pro"

Pls Note!

cr to biogger99 for this layout the carrds i make require at least pro standard unless stated otherwise . i am allowed to say no to making you a carrd if you are islamphobic, racist, homophobic, etc. carrd requests are allowed but please make sure the owner is okay with it because some people also do comms :) if you receive permission pls do not remove any crediting i add to the carrd where i am crediting the owners design. what is inmy personal crd does not affect this site.

✦ : carrd pro
✧ : carrd free plan — $9 ✦
wonyo — $6 ✦
sulli — $11 ✦
choco — $6 ✧